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Welcome to the Sikora’s ponds

Dear guests, we make every effort to ensure that you can relax with us as much as possible. To make it easier for you to spend a good time, we have prepared a small guide.

For all of us to enjoy, certain rules apply to our farm (house). Some are ordinary and prosaic, but others may differ from your habits.
And so:

Please keep the curfew after 10 pm. We can make an exception, but please always arrange this with us.

We do not swim in ponds without the knowledge and consent of the fishery owner. Especially during the stay of anglers in the fishery.

Let’s try not to take the music outside the buildings, i.e. listen to nature without loudspeakers. Take a break from the noise.

Please do not take the furniture out of the house. We have prepared chairs, sun loungers for you, you do not need to put a sofa or bedding on the lawn.

Smoking inside buildings is not allowed. Despite ozonation, we will add you to the bill if we find that tobacco, heated or electronic cigarettes or other stuff were smoked.

We try to live in harmony with nature,

We produce the electricity ourselves. However, we still ask you to save electricity

If it is too cold or too hot for you, we recommend using an air conditioner. However, for the sake of your health, we recommend using it in moderation, especially in summer.

We have our own water intake (well) and our own sewage treatment plant, so please use water in moderation and follow the toilet instructions 😃. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that the toilet seat is not a garbage can – we do not throw anything artificial into the toilet (plastic or other non-biodegradable materials)

Please sort your rubbish. The baskets are located next to the fence.

Our house has WIFI that we provide to you.
Network: Stawy_dla_gosci,
password: stawyusikory

You can also discover several sensors and controllers that are there so that we can more easily manage the house, control the temperature and air conditioning. We also have a smoke detector and an anti-flood detector.
Don’t worry – neither of them is used for peeping or eavesdropping.

We have also designated for you two parking spaces in the yard. Please park in such a way that one more car can fit in and you can leave the garage. Thank you.

If you are going to go fishing, you need to familiarize yourself with our rules of fishing. You will find them below

What can you see with us, where to go, visit, what can we recommend you? You will find them below

We are still taking all measures to prevent COVID-19. The rooms are disinfected and ozonated. We wash bed linen and towels at high temperature with the addition of detergents. We provide a liquid for hand disinfection. Please also keep a distance of 2m

We don’t mind if you come to us with your pet. Please inform us about it in advance. However, please take full responsibility for it. Please: keep dogs on a leash near the house, do not allow them to sleep in bedding or on the couch at home, and of course clean up after them.

What can you see here, where to go, visit, what can we recommend to you?

If you want to eat something, we recommend:

Ważka Restaurant Łagów (reservation required – We can do it)

Xenia Hunter’s restaurant Lubniewice

Pizzeria „Leśna” in Bledzew

Stable. „Ikona Jeździectwa” Osiecko

Vineyard Pod Lubuskim Słońcem in Łaski

Where to go shopping? We recommend:

Bakery – Grocery store „U Rojka” Międzyrzecz 20 km away

Confectionery Słodko Mi Bledzew 10 km away

Butcher shop Zyguła, tasty cold meats in Międzyrzecz 20 km distance

Bledzew 10km – Dino market, confectionery, pharmacy, post office, pizzeria

Lubniewice 14 km – Dino market, Biedronka market, pharmacy, ice cream shop

Międzyrzecz 20km – supermarkets: Lidl, Biedronka, Netto, Intermarche, butcher shops Zyguła, bakery „U Rojka”, pharmacies, hospital, petrol stations and others

What to see and visit? We recommend:

Bunkers from World War II – Międzyrzecki Fortified Region – Boryszyńska Loop

Majaland A family amusement park in Kownaty

Christ statue in Świebodzin

Castle in Międzyrzecz

Love Park in Lubniewice

Castle in Łagów

If you are going to fish, you need to know:

You pay the fee for fishing on the spot at the fishery’s owner and it is not included in the cost of accommodation. It amounts to PLN 50 per day for one angler with two fishing rods. (price may change)

We require fishing with hooks without burrs, a carp mat, and a large landing net. We prohibit the use of plastic groundbaits

If you are going to eat our fish, and it is very tasty, find out if we do not have fish in the cage. Usually, fish caught by you or other anglers under the order, or those that are not likely to survive after a bad puff and injury, are placed in the cage. These must be eaten first. A kilogram of live fish – carp and grass carp is PLN 30. (price may change)

If you catch a fish heavier than 3 kg – release it immediately after unhooking it, or weigh it, take a picture with it, give it a kiss for good luck.

Don’t put the fish on the grass or worse, the sand. That’s why you have a carp mat (and remember that it should be wet). Most of the carp in our fishery are almost scaleless and each rubbing or cutting it lowers its condition and causes pain.

There may also be other anglers in the fishery, so we usually do not book any places. If you have a place that you like the most, just come early in the morning. Exceptionally, we can reserve certain pitches for disabled anglers.

If you notice any disturbing symptoms of fish behavior, or worse, of other anglers, please let us know immediately so that we can react quickly. If you notice that someone needs medical help, give it as much as you can and be sure to call the emergency services by calling 112.

The fishery is open from sunrise to sunset. However, if you get along with Krzysztof – the head of the fishery, you may get permission for night fishing.